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Since it is a compilation, Mad-Hop vol.7 is very difficult to pinpoint. The songs have nothing specific in common except that they are all featured on this compilation. They are, however, all experimental in sound. The productions draw from a myriad of genres such as chillwave, hip-hop, ambient, soft dubstep, experimental drum and bass, glitch, and IDM. With twenty-eight tracks ranging from one minute to five minutes, there is a lot of weirdly good electronic music here. Mad-Hop Records definitely has a lot of talent to showcase and this compilation showcases it well.

The seventh track by Sedge Warbler, “Basil Pesto (feat. Vulkan Cydeburner),” is a great glitch-hop rap track. It sounds like something from the mind of underground and alternative rapper Aesop Rock, but the production uses more glitch, and futuristic sounds. One sample used definitely came from old Mario games which only makes that glitch sound better.

The tenth track by Myamo, “Maybe,” is smooth, chill, electronica that sounds like R&B. Myamo sampled some vocals and turns them into an echoing counterbalance to the ambient noise and keyboards. It sounds like Myamo had a blast on the keyboards for this track. Most of the sounds come from some synthesized keyboards. A strong and basic bass drum and hi-hat combo effectively ground these samples. Myamo is the only artist to appear twice, but “Maybe” is the better of the two tracks.

The fifteenth track by Ghostek, “32,” sounds like Nine Inch Nails if Trent Reznor were more experimental. This is industrial rock on acid. The bass is trippy, intrusive and interruptible, the ambient noise is eerie and ghostly, and the vocal samples echo when needed. Something like a sharp violin note continually pops in and out of the song and only adds to the eerie effect. Ghostek knows his way around a production suite and must be classically trained to be this far out of this box.

The eighteenth track by Eigenheimer, “The Days of Arawak,” is a deep, entrancing, enrapturing track. It envelops the listener in its flowy, low pitches, and dreamy vocals. Clicking percussion samples and an interesting bass drum over a wobbly ambient bass gives the song a spiritual, ethereal sound. The song closes by fading elements out one by one and introducing two or three new samples. It is like an eerie conga clock tick to the finish.

The twenty-second track by Lower Entrance, “Synchrodestiny (feat. JoBee Project),” is the catchiest track on the record. A few samples run through the whole track, but they sound great and Lower Entrance keeps them interesting with new patterns and samples throughout in addition to some nicely synergizing vocals.

The twenty-fifth track by Thinnen, “Succinct,” is just beautiful electronic music. It is sprawling, simple, great sound. The vocal sample, laid over another vocal sample, matches the ambient noise background and drum set beat to perfection. The result is not complex and even beautiful and elegant in its simplicity.

Overall, Mad-Hop vol.7 is a worthy compilation. Half of the tracks are doing something really interesting and the other half is not amazing, but not terrible. All of the tracks at least are not afraid to experiment. These artists are trying to produce the necessary kind of music to keep music interesting and not stale. In other words, they are doing exactly what underground and experimental artists are supposed to be doing.

Track List:
1. Foolk - Truth
2. Xtrngr - Return
3. Foodman - TSUBOYU(壺湯)
4. Ryuei Kotoge - Wave
5. Snorlax - Funny Party
6. The Flower Duet - Léo Delibes (Kabbalistic Village Remix)
7. Sedge Warbler - Basil Pesto (feat. Vulkan Cydeburner)
8. Wols - Fat Mermaid Blues (feat. Diem)
9. Ametsub - Over 6633
10. Myamo - Maybe
11. Sipp & Steamgoat - Stuxnet
12. Mechanical Elephant and Ran Slavin - A Long Road to Rest On
13. Sina. - Xyworry
14. Canooooopy - Ruby Shines on You (セリフ輝く夜開く)
15. Ghostek - 32
16. Pavel Dovgal - Ten Et Tiwa Dorment
17. Aether - Memories
18. Eigenheimer - The Days of Arawak
19. BeFP - Unconscious
20. mangulicaFM - Tuki
21. Karaoke Tundra x Radimo x 3ck - Cyklotrasa
22. Lower Entrance feat. JoBee Project - Synchrodestiny
23. Seiho - Collection
24. Sunnova - Clouded
25. Thinnen - Succinct
26. Myamo - Cluster
27. Queen Leaf - Tomorrow
28. Ganju - Spirit of the Forest

Various Artists - Mad-Hop vol.7
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