Posted on May 9th, 2014 (9:21 am) by Jake Cappuccino

Released in late April, NTEIBINT’s newest EP, Never Without You, happily finds itself in disco pop land. NTEIBINT’s two original mixes make for a nice pair of tracks and they successfully use an organ sample which is no easy feat. Drawing from ambient, electro-pop, baroque pop, disco and indie music, NTEIBINT, a.k.a. George Bakalakos, crafted two unique tracks, like a more orchestral nu disco. Not to mention, Bakalakos included a few solid remixes from producers of different backgrounds. It is no classic, but NTEIBINT’s Never Without You EP is a worthwhile addition to his still growing catalog.

The first and eponymous track, “Never Without You,” is a lovely pop ballad. The opening is gentle and easy going; it nicely sets up the transition into the song's main segment, a robust and bright series of major piano chords. This piano, with accompanying percussion and eventual bassline, serves as the backdrop for Stella’s vocals. NTEIBINT’s samples are pretty simple, except for the rather euphoric organ sample, but they work well together to create a fine upbeat, electro-pop track.

The Bluford Duck remix of “Never Without You” is an excellent deep house remix. Nowhere in the original mix does a deep house remix seem conceivable; however, as soon as this remix plays, it's very natural. This is a dark, deep, dance track. It pioneers nothing, but executes well and stands perfectly in contrast to the original mix, which all good remixes should do. The other remixes accomplish the same goal, if perhaps not as well as the Bluford Duck remix.

Final track “Baby” is a more straightforward electronic track with respect to the first track. Not to be outdone by the first track, this track also features an organ in addition to some brilliant synth work and a nice vocal sample. A high-pitched shout demands attention with a strange interlude before the song returns to the brilliant synth work. The back and forth between this shout section and the main section with the “baby” sample keeps the song engaging as does NTEIBINT’s sample selection. In terms of samples, the background has a lot of subtle layers that somehow provide an adequate framework for the song’s attention grabbing foreground. “Baby” is a little different, but it is the good kind of different.

EPs and singles are an ideal format for experimentation. “Never Without You” was originally included on The Blue Collection as NTEIBINT’s only contribution to the album of various artists. NTEIBINT’s two original tracks on the EP are a significant sonic departure for the Greek producer’s relatively new project. If this EP indicates anything, it might be that a full-length feature is in the works. Until then, Never Without You will have to suffice.

Track List:

  1. Never Without You Feat. Stella (Original Mix)
  2. Never Without You Feat. Stella (Bluford Duck Remix)
  3. Never Without You Feat. Stella (Domestic Technology Remix)
  4. Never Without You Feat. Stella (Gespleu Remix)
  5. Baby (Original Mix)
NTEIBINT - Never Without You EP
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