Posted on January 25th, 2014 (2:00 pm) by Jake Cappuccino

Released in late October 2013, Drift is a gleefully and unashamedly electronic, chill, disco album with some unavoidable ambient in it too. The album is all the better for its attitude. It could almost be played straight in sequence in a club because it is well balanced. There are some dark, dirty, funky tracks and there are more dreamy, chill, tracks and then there are tracks that are somewhere in between. Lasertom is one Dubliner and European who is definitely getting his act together.

The first and eponymous track sets the stage in a stupendous way. "Drift" opens with some gusty wind and some ambient sound followed by some basic keyboards before transitioning into some gritty, electronic funk. The beat is simple, the synth work is impeccable, and the sampling is creative. The only complaint is the track runs a little long. Yet, the song is still good on its own, but it also indicates exactly what kind of album Drift is and the kinds of tracks that will follow.

The fifth track, "Maelstrom," lives up to its name; the low-pitched piano key hit over and over again actually evokes images of a storm. The synth work is unsteady and syncopated in an interesting way. Then comes the bassline and it, paired with more piano, ambient noise, some great drums, and some solid sampling drive the song to a satisfying finish.

The eighth track, “Call,” is one of those tracks in between the dirty funk and the chill electronic for which the album aims. The bassline is pure funk even if the rest of the track is ambient and chill. Furthermore, the main guitar sample is also straight funk. Dreamy vocals add to the song’s chill sound. The resulting blend sounds like a chiller version of something off of Justice’s Cross. The final track, “Norwegian Pine,” also sounds like something from Justice or Daft Punk, but is also decent.

Though some tracks are better and more creative than others, nothing feels like filler on this album. Running a little less than an hour, the album does not waste much time. The only real problem is that Lasertom’s influences are too apparent. Consequently, the album often sounds derivative. However, Lasertom could have paid homage to much worse acts and he could have done a much worse job. So if you love Justice and Daft Punk, you will like Drift.

Track List:
1. Drift
2. Innerspaceman
3. All the Time
4. Surprise
5. Maelstrom
6. No Play
7. Note to Self
8. Call
9. Norwegian Pine

Lasertom - Drift
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70 / 100
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