Posted on September 16th, 2013 (9:26 am) by Jake Cappuccino

Adeyhawke’s debut EP sounds like the most amazing elevator music ever made, and that is a definite compliment. To ride this elevator means to take a mental trip back to the late ‘70s when synthpop and new wave started to take over the charts. Released by Girlfriend Records in August, Kodachrome Sundae, with its heavy use of synthesizers, funky base lines, glitchy sounds, and voice modulations, makes for a fine modern electronic take on the new wave sounds of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.

The first track “In Memorex” is a good example of Adeyhawke’s ability to blend the synthy and funky sounds of the ‘70s with that of contemporary electronic music. The track wastes no time. It moves quickly into funky bass lines interspersed with futuristic space noises and other indescribable glitchy noises. Combine these factors with solid keyboard and synth work and a steadybeat drum pattern and, “In Memorex” becomes not only an homage to the sound from which it borrows, but also a fresh modern take on that sound. In this way, “In Memorex” starts the EP in the perfect way. It tells the listener to expect a contemporary take on that sound. The second track is a natural segue for that plan and goal.

The eponymous second track “Kodachrome Sundae” kicks off with the most interesting twenty seconds of the EP. The intro is both minimalist and complex at the same time. The whole song sounds like what new wave would be if it remained popular into the present day. In this way, the song and the EP for which it is named sound futuristic and retro at the same time.

The third track “Program Tina” is the most unusual offering on the record. It earns mention for the very chill quality of its sound. If Adeyhawke had made the track a little less repetitive, it might have been much stronger. The song opens up with what sounds like a gentle vibraphone. It transitions into a slower sound dominated by a basic, but entrancing synth pattern. It then finds its way to slightly more complicated beat patterns and rhythms and a new synth sound and continues as such almost to the end. Adeyhawke then reduces elements until the song ends with an echoing back and forth of high piano notes. If the track had included one or two more elements in the middle, it might have been the best track.

As is often the case with EPs, Adeyhawke’s Kodachrome Sundae leaves the listener wanting. It is too short to really make a deep impact or canvass anything profound besides nostalgia for the sounds of the ‘70s. Aside from such brevity (which is the nature of an EP), Kodachrome Sundae is a very fun, retro, and bright collection of songs. If nothing else, the EP is a strong debut and indicates future promise for Adeyhawke.

Track List:
1. In Memorex
2. Kodachrome Sundae
3. Program Tina (feat Sferro)
4. Storm Runner
5. Looker

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