Posted on October 21st, 2013 (8:30 am) by Tim Korenich

Tabula Rasa. A blank slate is a daunting thing for many, especially after previous successes and uncertain times. For Patrick Tape Fleming, the hiatus of his longtime band The Poison Control Center (whose attributes include releasing three critically acclaimed records, opening for artists like Pavement, and Jeff Mangum, touring with Apples in Stereo, and being named 2011 Live Act of the Year by Steven Hyden of the AV Club) left him in a depression that only painting and creating music would lead him out of. Add on the death of his musical hero in Bill Doss of Olivia Tremor Control, and it seems even more miraculous that there is a relatively positive sounding single to review here.

Loss and longing often lead us to remembrance and recollection, which may be why the lead single from Gloom Balloon’s upcoming album is “She Was the One That Got Away.” While the one-sheet included with the CD touts this as a “modern-day take on Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks,” I would say that’s a reach for something fairly original. Combining a lo-fi drum machine loop, acoustic guitar, an out of tune piano, and incredibly smooth saxophone leads, Fleming orchestrates a collage of rough-edges into an orderly, focused, feeling of contentment.

The B-side to this single is “The Science of Love Minus Harry Harlow” which features Pavement’s Bob Nastanovich in the background yelling fake horse names. With '70s style horn and bass call and response, this tune jumps out to a funky start. Maintaining a bubbly and carefree spirit throughout, the song ends with just the acoustic guitar, bringing things back to the simple origins of the Gloom Balloon project.

Gloom Balloon’s first release is a sign of great things to come and will leave fans eagerly awaiting the release of his full length on December 5 of this year.

Track List:
1. She Was the One That Got Away
2. The Science of Love Minus Harry Harlow

Gloom Balloon She Was the One That Got Away
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