Posted on July 5th, 2013 (8:29 am) by Jon Rankin

Scanners found their sound early on and have stuck to it through the years and by no means is their Mexico EP a departure from that catchy, nostalgic, indie-rock tone. On the verge of releasing their new album “Love Is Symmetry” Scanners dropped this EP last month on Dim Mak Records containing only three songs but that is more than enough to get their long time fans excited about their upcoming album. At first listen if you have not heard any of Scanners music from their past albums Violence Is Golden or Submarine you may not understand what all the hype is about but that’s because the band’s definitive sound takes a while to set in. Sarah Daly has a voice to be reckoned with and after a few listens the title track from this EP will get stuck in your head just like all those Arcade Fire songs from Neon Bible.

Mexico leans a bit more towards the pop direction as opposed to their past releases but that is really due to the second track “Control” and it’s use of electronic vocal filters and synth loops. The structure of the song is quite repetitive and seems to extend about a minute too long. Although Mexico is an EP and it is common for variances in the sound of each track on an EP because they are not always written with the same particular consideration of theme and cohesion as a full album the three tracks don’t have much in common at all.

The tracklist for Love Is Symmetry has already been released and shows all three of these tracks back to back in a different order. It’s a bit odd to think of these three very different sides of Scanners having a cohesive ordinance however the album versions may differ substantially from these versions and if that is the case we may have to eat our words concerning the cohesiveness of the EP.

The third track “Charmed Life” is certainly the strongest, shrugging off the overly poppy sound of the previous track and instead displaying a strong composition of skillful instrumentation and vocal range. The slow tempo really allows for the appreciation of some of the more interesting aspects of the sound like the haunting theremin sounding keys and later the introduction of string instruments.

As a whole Mexico is short, bittersweet, and to the point when it comes to the direction and sound of the band. Not much has changed save a bit more electronic influence and better recording and fans of Scanners' past albums will certainly enjoy this EP and most likely their upcoming album. Two of the three songs on this EP are certainly up to par with the rest of their work and the third isn’t too far behind.

1. Mexico
2. Control
3. Charmed Life

Scanners: Mexico EP
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