Posted on July 15th, 2013 (8:02 am) by Jon Rankin

In the U.S., hip-hop and electronic music could not be more different in terms of both artist mentalities as well as market appeal. Despite this both electronic and hip-hop production constantly influence one another as they grow and shift. In many other parts of the world there is less of a cultural separation between these two worlds, and artists like Houcemate, a young producer from Belgium, demonstrate that many different forms of production can influence one another. Houcemate dabbles in hip-hop, trap, downtempo, and remixes and released his After Hours EP on May 6, 2013.

The After Hours EP falls under Houcemate’s trap production style, it includes no vocals save a few samples. Overall it falls a bit short in terms of attention grabbing, it has a solid sound but the EP is just very short, and you find yourself waiting for something interesting that never surfaces. Trap is a style of hip-hop production that resembles electronic genre’s like dubstep in the sense that there is often a dynamic shift that really grabs you, but unfortunately After Hours does not live up to that general standard.

For a comparison of some interesting and well-crafted trap songs, TNGHT, the duo of Hudson Mohawke and Lunice, released a self-titled EP that exemplifies the dynamic shifts and heavy blending of hip-hop and electronic production styles. Houcemate is certainly capable of making trap beats but they are lacking in all the areas where the TNGHT shines.

It's refreshing to see producers open to experimenting in different genres but it probably would not be a bad idea for Houcemate to focus more on one genre at least until he is able to release stronger material. After Hours could be improved in a number of areas from bass and dynamic range to mastering and limiting. Hopefully, Houcemate learns with age, he is young and still has a lot of time to improve his production style and mastering.

Track List:
1. Gold Digger
2. Ratchet
3. I Got This
4. On the Block

Houcemate: After Hours
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59 / 100
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