Posted on April 11th, 2013 (8:00 am) by Jon Rankin

Having released their first full-length album Too High To Kross on April 9th on Volcom Entertainment, they have promoted their first single “Heaven is Tonight,” exemplifying the once lost punk rock sound we’ve all been missing. The rest of the album leaves nothing to be desired with no filler tracks or shortcomings just jam after jam after jam.

It is undeniable that Dirty Fences pulls a great deal of influence from prominent punk rock groups of the past such as The Ramones and Johnny Thunders. Their strong melodic riffs transport you back to the glory days of CBGB’s. The energy of a live show shines right through in every track, especially in songs like “Kreistalrite’ that just make you want to go out and skateboard.

Despite the band’s strong consistent energy, Dirty Fences is not all driving bass lines and punchy drums, the song “King’s Cross” displays the bands variance in style with softer guitar and slightly slower tempo enticing listeners to sing along during the chorus. The band is certainly not afraid to chip in vocally, the song “White Lies” still centers on a single voice but the band chimes in for gang vocals during the chorus.

Too High To Kross is a real blast from the past, like discovering an amazing old band from the best period in punk rock. It is certainly worth noting that although strongly reminiscent of iconic punk and rock and roll bands Dirty Fences retains their individuality through uniquely powerful guitar riffs and surprisingly well structured songs. Solid fun loving rock bands like Dirty Fences are refreshing but unfortunately a rarity in today's time, hopefully their influence as well as influence from bands like FIDLAR will spark the resurgence of straightforward punk/rock and roll.

Too High To Kross doesn’t miss a beat, tearing along all thirty two minutes without a single misstep. It's hard to imagine intensity of one of Dirty Fences live shows after just listening to the record, but it is undoubtedly a feverishly erratic experience. Songs like the single “Heaven is Tonight” and “Kreistalrite” are prime examples of the bands consistent high energy present throughout the album, while “King’s Cross” demonstrates the bands ability to venture outside that consistent ferocity. Dirty Fences have not only taken all the right keys from our favorite punk and rock and roll bands of the past but also has taken on the task of reinventing that sound into something completely unique and new, Too High To Kross is the perfect execution of those concepts and will hopefully influence others the same way the great punk and rock and roll albums of the past influenced them.

Track List:
1. Kilsythe
2. All I Want
3. What’s That Strange?
4. Heaven Is Tonight
5. Meet Me At The Door
6. Under Your Leather
7. King’s Cross
8. White Lies
9. Kreistalrite
10. Rose In A Vice
11. Always On My Mind
12. R.S.C.
13. Nickels & Dimes

Dirty Fences: Too High To Kross
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69 / 100
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