Posted on July 10th, 2013 (7:47 am) by Lindsey Saunders

When it comes to electro albums that are twelve tracks long, it takes a lot to keep a listener like me from tuning out. Especially when there are little to no vocals. Of course, the artists intent behind the music is not always necessarily geared towards an audiences focus on the music itself. Sometimes, it’s more about the context of the thing. It’s hard not to assume that - particularly in electronic albums like this - the focus is intended to be put on something totally separate from whatever is going on in the track. It creates a vibe, but that’s about it. Naturally it’s unfair to assume the intent behind Classixx new record, Hanging Gardens, but from where I sit it seems like the only reasonable explanation for how tedious it is to listen to just for the sake of listening.

Despite how repetitious Hanging Gardens tends to be, it does have it’s shining moments - mostly in the first tracks. “Hanging Gardens” begins with a comfortable mix of ambient noise, a metronome, rainstick-esque noises along with claps, snaps zippy synths, and buzzing pitches here and there. This reels you in enough to keep you listening through to the next track, “All You’re Waiting For.” This is one of the only tracks that includes a stable vocal melody line and effectively reminds me of a mix between Pheonix and The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, mainly because the vocalist really sounds like Karen O.

Other than that, Hanging Gardens is considerably moderately paced and pretty much the same all the way through. The music fits the album art because it sounds like something you would work out to, but not a particularly enjoyable record in and of itself.

Track List
1. Hanging Gardens
2. All Your Waiting For (feat. Nancy Whang)
3. Holding On
4. Rhythm Santa Clara
5. Dominoes
6. A Fax From The Beach
7. Long Lost (feat. Active Child)
8. A Stranger Love (feat. Sarah Chernoff)
9. I'll Get You
10. Supernature
11. Jozi's Fire
12. Borderline (feat. Jesse Kivel)

Classixx: Hanging Gardens
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40 / 100
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