Posted on July 30th, 2013 (8:13 am) by Jeremy Flynn

Is the description to blame? I can’t help but initially not like a band that describes themselves as “Tripped out Psychedelic Dance Music” because a band so alright with generalizing will not only be wrong in their description, but will be none of the things they profess to be. The description gracing the bandcamp page of of Last Days of 1984 may not be the problem, but it lets us see into the problem eating away at Wake up to the Waves.

“Tripped out”? Is there anything really tripped out about predictable loop-station buildups and subtractions? Is there anything tripped out at all about the choicest synth sounds of Wake up to the Waves? What they call tripped out, I call played out homogeny. The tones are as calculated as a buzzcut, from the gentle acoustic of “Safari” to the hole puncher bass drum intro of “Woods,” to the mid-cut, radio friendly synth-swill that runs throughout the album.

A side note on the albums’ song titles. If you were playing a party game, oh let’s call it “indie garbage bingo,” and you had to find the most predictable song names for cliche indie bands, you would not be a decimal off cribbing from the song titles of “Wake Up.” Let’s play.

“Safari.” Yep. “Woods.” Double yep. “Wave Life.” Okay I give up, you win. Stay tuned for “Grandfather’s Pool,” “Nature Eyes,” and “Windhaven.”

“Psychedelic.” Well yes, there are some weird washes. And yes, a few bands like to combine said noise with meticulous vocals, but it just seems derivative here. Now that's a word I promised I’d never use in reviewing an album. Derivative. And I kept fighting the nagging feeling in the back of my head that got louder and louder. It was saying "Animal Collective, meet the Wendy’s commercial." All the unpredictability of Anco has been boiled down into the simplest most relatable terms, into un-misunderstandable percussion and avoidable emotion. This is music that will never hurt you.

Last Days of 1984’s Wake up to the Waves” promised us LSD, and brought us Advil. Damn.

Track List:
1. Francois Truffant-Event Sociologique
2. River’s Edge
3. Safari
4. Kismat
5. Season
6. Wave Life
7. Woods

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