Posted on May 11th, 2013 (12:05 pm) by Katherine Bradshaw

The music of Scintillation!, project of Ohio producer Luke Laurila, succeeds in drawing the imagination into the unknowns of the universe. Including elements of electronic, ambient, psychedelic, and downtempo, Laurila’s arrangements create a backdrop for our own imaginative exploration. Lucidity, Scintillation!’s latest archival evidence of this imaginative cosmic reality, gives us both structured and amorphous worlds to explore. While some areas are so shapeless and drawn out that they become stagnant and unable to command the listener’s focus, others inspire the pioneer exploration of new imaginative realms.

Bad news first: let’s start at the end of the album, shall we? Lucidity finishes ends with 22 minute long track, “We Made It There But We Never Got Anywhere,” which is probably the most accurate title possible for this mind numbing continuation of shapeless and stagnant sound. It includes no rhythmic structure and relies on background noise (bird sounds, mostly) to break up the monotony of an aural journey that progresses at the speed of molasses. In order to really commit to the imaginative aspect of this music, it is understandable that a continuous structure of sound is more ideal than a change of (structure) and direction every time the track switches, but THIS. GOES. NOWHERE.

Fortunately, a reviewer's undesirable ending to an album doesn’t make or break a review: the rest of Lucidity’s ambient mind trip is as inspiring to the imagination as Laurila probably intended. Some tracks are structured like “We Made It There,” such as opening track “Lucidity,” but because these tracks are shorter, they allow the mind to drift into the atmosphere without floating away altogether because of a loss of interest. These tracks are mixed in with more rhythmic ones, such as pulsating “A Reason To Be” and “Substance,” and floaty and melodic “Radiant Visitor.” An astral ambiance is present throughout, taking the imagination beyond the world as we know it.

Too much amorphous ambiance can make for a bored listener. However, by combining just the right amount of aural motion, development, and the psychedelic ambiance that Laurila seems to have down, one can expect a solid, imaginative piece that sparks the exploration of new thoughts and ideas. Without the final track, Lucidity would strike that exact balance.

Track List:
1. Lucidity
2. A Reason To Be
3. Radiant Visitor
4. Substance
5. Inclination
6. We Made It There But We Never Got Anywhere

Scintillation!: Lucidity
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60 / 100
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