Posted on January 3rd, 2013 (10:30 am) by Erik Beals

Electronic dance music is currently riding a wave of popularity greater than anything the supergenre has ever experienced. It’s seemingly invaded every corner of the music world; pop radio, underground clubs, and even metal bands like Korn have embraced the world of synths and programmed drums. Consequently, a lot of otherwise pretty good albums can sound more generic than they probably should. Careless, the debut EP by British production duo Jack Beats, easily falls into that category.

On first listen, Careless could be any one of the multitude of faceless, yet technically proficient, electro house/dubstep albums floating around on the internet. On closer listen however, there’s quite a few details that make Jack Beats stand out from the crowd. Not many modern dance producers would use a Leonard Cohen sample as a hook, as Jack Beats do here on “End of Love” (a reworked single from last year). “End of Love” also features some Latin touches, and “Careless” uses drums sounding like they were lifted straight from Phil Collins.

Unfortunately, a lot of the material here isn’t exactly top quality. “Careless” and “War” both feature incredibly generic male vocals (although both are included here in instrumental versions, which help the more unique elements stand out a little more). You can tell Diplo had a hand in the production of “War,” but it’s also pretty clear he wasn’t the primary writer of the song. For all of the distinctive touches Jack Beats put in these tracks, they all seem to end up sounding like stereotypical electro house with some dubstep elements.

However, this is still quite a listenable, and even enjoyable EP. They may not feel totally original and groundbreaking, but any one of these songs could keep the energy going on the dance floor. All of these songs range from around four and a half to five minutes, and none of them ever seem to drag. Careless never reaches Deadmau5 levels of tedium, and is quite a fun listen, but don’t expect to be humming these songs the next day. Ultimately, those well versed in the world of bass music will probably find this enjoyable, but nothing too special, while a more casual listener of EDM would find this fun and exciting. If Jack Beats can keep stretching their limits like they occasionally do here, they’re going to make some great music in the future.

Track List:
1. Careless (feat. Takura)
2. War (feat. Diplo and Example)
3. Epidemic (feat. Dillon Francis)
4. Hooligans
5. End of Love (Re-Edit)
6. Careless (feat. Takura) (Instrumental)
7. War (feat. Diplo and Example) (Instrumental)

Jack Beats: Careless
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