Posted on December 31st, 2012 (10:30 am) by Jenna Cameron

To us, it is obvious why people may listen to Sela, but we will not pigeonhole. There are so many different styles and types of music, distinguishing which genre Sela may fall into was hard - chill, bass beats, stylish, meditation, hip-hop, loops? Is Loops a style of music? If you’re Sela, then yes. Unfortunately for Sela, there is not enough variety and those loops, snaps, and beats end up sounding the same, over and over. Throughout several albums this is what Sela has done and it all ends up being rather repetitious.

Sela is quite an elusive artist and very difficult to find information about. His blog does not give much of anything away, and even his YouTube videos show nothing except maybe a still photo or an old long shot of a car driving through the snow. Perhaps Sela likes it like this; the intriguing and artful way he keeps his image cloaked in this slick and out of reach style. This keeps his very real fans wanting more. All of this cloak and dagger ingenuity however, still does not change the fact Sela has come out with Unthought, a 5-track EP, (August 7, 2012) the longest song being a little over 3 minutes. At first, the music sounded a bit like Vanessa Daou, the trip-hop singer/songwriter who is known for her spoken word and erotic lyrics. There was not too much of a divergence, although Sela steered more toward the music and less toward the lyrics. There are some spoken words, however. On “Cumulus,” a soothing and pretty track, a woman says, “release the tensions in your arms, your legs, your back.” This song could be looped over and over again, and would only exist for brief meditation.

This EP comes just before releasing W in October of 2012. As a matter of fact, Sela has dropped nine, yes, that’s right, NINE albums and EP’s since March of 2012. We can go back to January and then it is ten. Additionally, Sela is only 18 years old. The tracks are typically short in length, and in most cases, they sound the same. Unless Sela is going for a theme on all of his albums, many certainly do not understand the appeal of repetitive beats sounding the same again and again. Some variation would have made this groovy EP stand out a bit more had Sela made his tracks longer or hit some different notes.

Sela, who lives in California, has a similar sound to Kwala, Silky Johnson, and SKYWLKR and is very industrious with his growing fan base, to be sure. He also has a great ear for laying down sounds and putting down beats so young, but it is the uniqueness and the tonality — the vibes and the loops — Sela may be lacking at this tender age. He has plenty of time to grow however, and if he keeps on keeping on, the path he's walking will lead the way.

Track List:
1. Silvervirga ii
2. Sivu Loop
3. Cumulus
4. Youth
5. You Loop

Sela: Unthought
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53 / 100
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