Posted on December 13th, 2012 (3:45 pm) by Sarah Croft

Profresher Blacklight, better known as Billy Blacklight, has released yet another EP under his 12 Signs of the Zodiac project. Libra, released on October 22nd 2012, is a rather small endeavor topping off at only three singles in its entirety. The electronic artist was born and raised in Minnesota, currently residing in Minneapolis. His self-proclaimed “crunk-flavored beats” are what get noticed in the already fair body of work he’s produced. Profresher’s album art is always innovative and eye-catching while his beats speak for themselves. Libra is the eighth EP in a series of works named after the signs of the zodiac. The EP is decent and certainly worth a listen but fails to provide anything remarkable in the world of dubstep music.

Inyourspeakers reviewed Flinchstigator when the first single was released at the beginning of November. The track made listeners eager for more. If this five minute bass and drum infused single was any indication of Libra as a whole, it would certainly be worth the wait. Unfortunately, the following tracks pale in comparison to “Flinstigator.” “Searching for the Sound” has a cool jazzy feel in the first moments, which spark an interest in what’s to come. The breezy background provides a calming affect but it’s mostly the same riff on repeat. The forefront tones aren’t enough to carry the repetitive track towards anything more than ordinary. Final single, “Homie House,” begins with a heavy bassline and unique drum interlude. The following sounds work well with the chill-wave undertone remaining throughout. There’s really nothing wrong with these tracks – it’s just that it’s been done before.

Profresher’s previous releases showcase a more diverse technical and musical range. Tracks such as Sebatical on his EP Scorpio reveal the innovation a dubstep enthusiast craves. This track begins with a soft feel growing into a sci-fi series of synths complementing the tribal drumming backdrop. Libra’s tracks lack the fluidity a short EP requires to make it memorable. While the first and last track can stand on their own, the middle gets lost along the way. It should be kept in mind that Libra is only one piece of a twelve part puzzle. When 12 Signs of the Zodiac is released, the EP may make sense fitting into a larger piece of work. The single also fall into a more electronic genre, rather than its dubstep intent. Dubstep demands a bit more of a grungier feel. Libra’s sound can be compared to UK producer http://soundcloud.com/ramesesb " target="_blank">Rameses B. Their sounds tend to be more airy and tone ridden rather than deep mashes of synthesizer.

Libra is a compilation of three tracks in which listeners will probably only keep one or two for repeat. Based on such a short work, it isn’t bad. Perhaps listeners should look forward to the final compilation of the twelve eventual pieces in order to fully understand the work. As for now, Profresher Blacklight is definitely a standout artist to get into, Libra on the other hand, is not quite as timeless.

Track List:
1. Flinchstigator
2. Searching for the Sound
3. Homie House

Profresher Blackight - Libra
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59 / 100
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