Posted on November 13th, 2012 (12:00 pm) by Sarah Croft

Is love truly all we need? New wave electronic musician, Jesse Schuppan, seems to think so. The Australian native goes under the name of How Green to produce an experimental EP about an emotion. Known for his usual hip-hop dabbling mixed with jazzy flair, How Green’s work tends to be on the darker side, such as “Jungle Junk” or “Bag O Trinklets.” The latest work, however, is completely different – this isn’t just any emotion for him. This is an indescribable, unsaid feeling. Schuppan creates a soundtrack to unspoken love in his latest work entitled Lany, released on August 30th, 2012 under NeuroPlastic. The description of his work is as follows, “Words are restricting and never seem to come out right, if I had a backing track play every time I spoke to her I think this is how it would sound… and maybe it would expose the substance that simple words truly hold.” The eventual inflection of his heart results in a near twenty-minute, five-track EP destined to intrigue the listener and inspire plenty of playbacks.

Lany starts off with tranquil chords and a subtle, inaudible background voice. It feels as though the listener is entering Schuppan’s mind – privy to his thoughts and expectations. Since the romantic intention is already known, the upbeat tones and rhythmic melodies already have a purpose. This is the musical equivalent of affection. Track three, “Lany,” might be safe to assume is the girl’s name. It would make sense, as this is one of the more exciting tracks on the EP. The racing forefront maraca-like pace mixed with the sweet, delicate backdrop is indicative of a racing heartbeat yet clear mind. This is the climax of not only the EP, but also Schuppan’s emotional development. The following track would have to be the best off Lany. “All We Need” is harmonious, intricate and consistently surprising throughout. Piano draws the listener in followed by hollow yet snappy beats. About a minute into the single, Schuppan’s subliminal message comes through: Love is all we need.

The words are quiet enough as to not overpower the music, but work their way into the listener’s mind, intrinsically remaining even after the song is over. The electronic chords grow more prominent towards the end of the track, inciting an inescapable rhythm to sway to. The track feels comfortable yet experimental, exciting yet calming – “All We Need” inspires many of the same dichotomies as love. This single could have ended the EP. While the closer, “Always,” is still a worthwhile track; it would have been better suited for an opening position. It feels rushed when following such a flowing and methodical single like “All We Need.”

Any track off the EP could work with lyrics. The backdrops sound similar to pieces John Legend or Lupe Fiasco have used. Collaboration in the future could be the ticket that takes How Green from the underground to the mainstream. Lany is a far better indication of this direction than his second EP release. The tracks have a more fluid feel, comparable to those produced on his debut EP, The Walking Deaf. As for How Green’s position in electro-slow jam genre, Lany feels very similar to the Foals’ Total Life Forever. Not bad for the Aussie newcomer, not bad at all.

Even though the order of the tracks could be better, each single is interesting in its own right. Jesse Schuppan should be commended for clearly stepping outside his comfort zone and still meeting expectations of his genre. If he continues in this direction, his possibilities could be limitless. As for now, Lany is an intriguing EP in which listeners should play on repeat in order to gain a full understanding of the effects Schuppan aimed for. Wherever this ‘Lany’ is, she is one lucky girl.

Track List:
1. Intro
2. Let GO
3. Lany
4. All We Need
5. Always

How Green - Lany
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65 / 100
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