Posted on June 4th, 2013 (9:30 am) by H. William Davis

Waze & Odyssey make retro-tinged EDM with a particular house aftertaste. The duo garnered some success last year with their first EP, Ah Baby (Here We Go Again)”. Since then the pair have stayed busy remixing a mind-boggling amount of artists, putting their own spin on any number of successful tracks. The two definitely have an affinity for spicing up other's work, but on their Please Don't Dance single, that success doesn't always translate to powerful original work.

"All For Me" provides, if nothing else, a neat dosage of '90s house nostalgia. With distorted female vocals reminiscent of the sampling practices of EDM's salad days one expects the track to, counter-intuitively, scream out "everybody dance now". But the raison d'être behind this particular W&O track is to stifle bodily movement. This isn't all that difficult as the repetitive nature of the beats aren't exactly encouraging in the first place. Still the conceptual repetition of asking one to not dance is confusing in electronic music. Perhaps W&O are playing some heady meta-EDM games, but if so it doesn't compute. It's a cute trick, but one with little mileage.

Part of the problem seems to be that, although summoning up '90s house is still in some ways relevant, there has simply not been enough temporal distance between the reference and the present. It feels old, but not old enough. It feels just outside of the culture enough to be alien but not fascinating. The endless legions of the future propelling EDM into its own legacies don't even know how to move their bodies to '90's music - it's already that far gone. While the production and composition of Waze & Odyssey are good, they are not stellar enough to justify the otherwise stale single. While "Ah Baby (Here We Go Again)" fueled it's own fire and remained interesting throughout it's six minute plus duration, this simply falls short.

Track List:
1. All For Me
2. Please Don’t Dance
3. Please Don’t Dance (Detroit Swindle’s Basement Dub)

Wave & Odyssey: Please Don't Dance EP
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63 / 100
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