Posted on December 18th, 2012 (9:00 am) by Casey S. Kennedy

Hold on to your ears. Wild International’s second EP unites genres and might leave you surprised. Three friends from Long Island, Ryan Camenzuli, Greg Coffey, and Bryan Daly, formed Wild International in 2009. In 2010 they released their debut, a self-titled EP; information on the record is sketchy, but the tracks exist on Soundcloud and Myspace. Lake Tones, out December 18, 2012, arrives as another experimental, self-released EP from the trio.

An unorthodox record at its core, Lake Tones bursts with unique mixes of instruments and genres. Part punk, pop, and afrobeat, Wild International has produced an experimental record embodying the genre. Heavy drum beats, sounds flowing water, and thrashing guitar are just a few of the sounds you’ll find on Lake Tones. Aside from the instrumental style, the EP features a range of vocal work; fast-paced and chaotic singing juxtaposes with softer group harmonies to create an unpredictable powerhouse.

Similarly, Wild International’s first EP mixes multiple genres. However, their first release is less refined than their second; vocals are less polished, but the record has a lo-fi sensibility which works to its advantage. The trio draws from their unique qualities in their first release and takes more risks — a broader range of styles. It truly pays off for them.

The opening song, “Waterflaws,” is a jumble of music styles and sounds, but it ends up being the most complex song on the EP. Beginning with the chirps of frogs and gentle flowing water, “Waterflaws” then shifts to a percussion and synthesizer driven ride. The rhythmic lead vocals mingle elegantly with the backing harmonies; during the chorus, the singers unite to harmonize on a single word, “soul.”

Following “Waterflaws” is “Emos Teg,” a song leaning toward the punk style of Wild International’s spectrum. The band blasts their guitars and voices at certain points, but they also tone it down to produce a fundamental rock sound. The remaining tracks hold a modest mix of afrobeat and pop. They all charm the ears with skilled singing and instrumentals.

Wild International’s refreshing music surprised me with artful mixes of genres; I didn’t expect a mix of punk and drum driven styles to sound so appealing. Experimental music seeks to explore new musical territory, and Wild International has done so successfully with Lake Tones, pulling from different places in the music world. You can be certain that we’ll hear more good from Wild International in the coming years.

Track List:
1. Waterflaws
2. Emos Teg
3. Young Wayfarer
4. Creeks
5. Dreams
6. Mayoridad

wild international, lake tones, punk, afrobeat, experimental, new york
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