Posted on November 12th, 2012 (11:00 am) by Casey S. Kennedy

I’ve never attended a rave; I’ve never taken ecstasy. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some electronic dance music. I generally dislike dance/pop/hip-hop music which dominates the airwaves. Artists like Rihanna and Tyga pollute said airwaves with repetitive beats and uninspired lyrics. (Please forgive the rant.) However, while writing for Inyourspeakers, the dance-inspired music I’ve reviewed has pleasantly surprised me. Vitalic’s latest, Rave Age, is no exception.

Born out of the European underground electronic music scene in the late ‘90s, Vitalic has become one of the top artists in the genre. Formerly known as Dima, Vitalic, also known as Pascal Arbez, has released numerous EPs, singles, and remixes. Rave Age, released November 5, 2012, is Vitalic’s third studio album.

Rave Age merges elements of techno, house, and even rock. Vitalic produces music you can dance to as well as listen to for its complexities. By only using synthesizers, Arbez creates a constantly shifting variety of sounds. He keeps the listener guessing what sounds will appear next. His ability to create an engaging track is one of the reasons Arbez’s music has become popular in the dance scene. Rave Age doesn’t stray from the style of previous releases, OK Cowboy and Flashmob; the refined sound makes Rave Age and the rest of Vitalic’s catalog a gem of the dance genre.

The first track, “Rave Kids Go,” hooks you instantly with the line “I’ve been dreaming.” It gives the impression an altered state of mind inspired this music. The vocals echo and fade in and out throughout the song, punctuated by heavy bass and intense electronic sounds. In “Rave Kids Go” the sound doesn't get boring or repetitive, instead the music changes often. The next few tracks, like “Fade Away” and “Under Your Sun,” offer similar qualities: infectious beats and sophisticated vocals. A number of different singers lend their voices to the record: Joe Reeves, Owlle, Rebeka Warrior, and Mickael Karkousse. All the vocalists add their unique style to the songs.

A few tracks fall flat. “Nexus” and “The March of Skabah” don’t possess the ear-catching aspects hooking me in the beginning. To my disappointment, after the fifth track, the lyrics drop off the grid for a few songs, but they don’t lack character. Though without vocals, “Lucky Star” features choir-like sounds alongside stimulating beats.

The driving beats of Rave Age make it a fantastic record for dancing, but if you’re just sitting and listening, you may find yourself bobbing your head to the beat. Vitalic’s sound transcends the dance genre to create something more complicated. The vocals of this album add substance where you might not expect and creates a unique listening experience.

Track List:
1. Rave Kids Go
2. Stamina
3. Fade Away
4. Vigipirate
5. Under Your Sun
6. No More Sleep
7. Nexus
8. The March of Skabah
9. Lucky Star
10. La Mort Sur Le Dancefloor
11. Next I'm Ready
12. The Legend of Kasper Hauser

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