Posted on December 31st, 2012 (9:00 am) by Casey S. Kennedy

At only 20 years old, Gabriel Legeleux, a.k.a. Superpoze, has accomplished much as an artist. Having released two EPs and a full-length album in the last two years, Superpoze has become popular in his home country of France. From the Cold comes as his second EP and third release overall, in which he combines electro rock and hip-hop styles. The record was released November 12, 2012, and can be streamed or purchased through Bandcamp.

Superpoze’s unique sound is both addictive and complex. At times, the beats gently lull us into relaxation, and sometimes the music makes us want to dance. However, Superpoze’s creations on From the Cold don’t pound on the eardrums; his style is more subtle. Although his music lacks lyrics, it is not without the human voice. A few tracks feature strange, yet angelic singing and some whistling. Superpoze’s music merges sounds not always heard on hip-hop or electro records, a choice which adds to his distinctive charm, but his songs are infectious nonetheless.

From his beginnings of Lost Cosmonaut, released in 2010, Superpoze has definitely matured as a musician. He has graduated from using more conventional instruments like guitar and bass, to more electronic and unconventional sounds. Superpoze took more risks in terms of sound on From the Cold than on his first album. On his latest, he is less prone to repetition. For example, compare "Sweet September" on Lost Cosmonaut to “The Iceland Sound” on this record. The latter track utilizes a wider variety of sound, and the former tends to be repetitive.

On the surface, From the Cold might seem like a run of the mill electronic record. However, Superpoze incorporates elements unheard on a standard album of this genre. His use of percussion sets him apart from others in his field: bells and other metallic instruments, as well as wooden sounds occupy the entire record. In fact, Superpoze emphasizes these often overlooked instruments above most other sounds. The tracks “Girls & Girls” and “Transylvania” feature the most prevalent use of this technique.

For a young musician, Superpoze should proud of his achievements as an artist. His creativity in composition has led to a unique record in the electronic genre. His unique fusion of hip-hop beats and rock tendencies will only strengthen his popularity. Because he is only 20, Superpoze will undoubtedly produce more great music in the future.

Track List:
1. The Iceland Sound
2. From the Cold
3. The Fall
4. Girls & Girls
5. Monsta Mash
6. Transylvania

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