Posted on July 10th, 2013 (7:31 am) by Casey S. Kennedy

His name might invoke thoughts of John Wayne, Jeff Bridges, and the Wild West, but Rooster Cogburn’s music is far from that world. Rooster Cogburn has made a name for himself in the club scene of his home country of Israel, making trap beats and remixes. He has put out EPs and some singles in the past few years, and Twisted, his latest, was released May 3, 2013, through Filthy Fortune Records.

Consisting of three original tracks, Twisted is a bit on the short side, but Rooster Cogburn has included remixes of the songs from other artists. The main three tracks, while infectious and fun at some moments, ultimately become repetitive with little to break up the music. The remixes, on the other hand, offer some more variety of sound. The producers take a fair amount of liberty in recreating the tracks, and they actually sound better than the originals.

In the case of “Classical” and its counterpart, the remix by Falcons is barely recognizable compared to the original. Featuring completely new sets of beats and sound effects, the remix could be mistaken for an entirely different song. Only at the very end does the music of the original show up in an obvious manner. The dynamic between these two tracks begs the question: can the remix really be considered a remix? Obviously, the purpose of a remix is to alter a song in some way, bringing an added flair by the remixer, while holding true to the original. The Falcons remix fails to recognize the original song for the majority of its time; the track seemingly just samples “Classical” in the last forty seconds. The other remixes, however, feature creative additions to Rooster Cogburn’s songs and are vast improvements on his somewhat repetitive style.

“Twisted” in its original form is repetitive and kind of boring beyond the opening, but the remix by $ines has a wider variety of sounds and beats and is over a minute shorter. Although the remix improves upon the original “Twisted,” it too falls into the trap of repetition and being drawn out too long.

Rooster Cogburn’s career so far, although short, has been productive in creating entertaining electronic music (all available on his SoundCloud). However, Twisted is a step in the wrong direction. The original tracks don’t offer much more than monotonous beats, and the remixes, while improving upon Rooster's tracks, are not great. It says something about a record when remixes are the best parts.

Track List:
1. Twisted
2. Classical
3. Black
4. Twisted ($ines Remix)
5. Classical (Falcons Remix)
6. Black (Mike G Remix)
7. Twisted VIP

rooster cogburn, edm, trap, tel aviv, israel
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