Posted on April 10th, 2012 (9:09 am) by Bryan Casale

Sees The Light is without a doubt a break-up album, a timeworn genre, with little room for originality. La Sera avoids some of the genres pitfalls but succumbs to others.

Some of the greatest songs ever written are of love and broken hearts. Vivian Girl’s bassist Katy Goodman uses this type of song excessively on her side project La Sera’s new album. Goodman’s mistake is rather than scattering these songs throughout the album to pepper it with heartbreak songs, all of Sees The Light consist of these songs, turning it into a bland, shapeless album.

The songs on the album consist of a few simple chords and the common verse chorus verse progression. This makes for catchy and fun pop songs; unfortunately this well done pop simplicity gets bogged down. I give La Sera a lot of credit for not playing the victim in all of her songs. Goodman’s lyrics have her sharing the blame for romantic failings. Instead of portraying herself as crying into her pint of ice cream watching Lifetime, she presents a strong woman who revels in her post breakup freedom. The beginning of opening track “Love That’s Gone” put my fears of a sappy cliche breakup album to rest: “I love my life without you.”

Unfortunately the only songs that seem to break free of the central breakup theme are the ones that seem to center on finding a new mate. This relationship dependent focus is far to prevalent in both society and music and makes for boring people and boring music. This isn’t helped by Goodman’s often monotone and unemotional vocal delivery. The vocals often seem distant and detached. Goodman’s voice can definitely be beautiful but only when she seems engaged in whats she’s singing. Often she ends up seeming as bored by the material as I was.

If just a handful of songs were picked out I would probably have pegged them as good breakup songs. Goodman paints a three dimensional look into relationships with her lyrics. She presents a stronger side so often lacking in a genre dominated by weepy girl pop songs. In the end though all the songs blend and very few stand out.

Breakup and love lorn songs have their place; usually scattered throughout an album. With La Sera’s Sees The Light an entire album of breakup songs is just too much. The album ends up bland and lackluster.

Track List:
1. Love That’s Gone
2. Please Be My Third Eye
3. I Can’t Keep You In My Mind
4. Break My Heart
5. It’s Over Now
6. I’m Alone
7. Real Boy
8. Drive On
9. How Far We’ve Come Now
10. Don’t Stay

La Sera Sees The Light
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58 / 100
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