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Contending with all the electronic artists in the world suggests there are two loosely defined groups – in basic terms, those who stand out and those who don’t. While the majority of artists range from awful to very good, only the few left over remain to be both excellent and individualistic. Kill Paris is one great example of an electronic artist creating great and familiar music with a few of his own personal traits. His recent album, The Beginning, is riveting and infectious, but has much more to offer than much of its fellow electronic records. Gushing an extremely consistent and energetic vibe, the record shows concentration and enthusiastic effort from the Kill Paris, and this is especially excellent when that record also happens to be a fast-paced dance affair. Not only that, but its subtle tonal influences mark an extra special touch in Kill Paris’s artistry.

Corey Baker, the man behind Kill Paris, is straight out of Los Angeles with this fresh new album, out on July 22, 2012. Following some previous releases, The Beginning is an eight-track record made up of a small palate of sounds, an eventually predictable structure, and moments of major influences here and there. To some, the first two qualities do not sound totally desirable, but in this record’s case, it’s quite excellent. The tones are paired so well with each other, and the vocal samples were carefully selected. The progression of each song is essentially an equation for sparking interest in those needing to dance. Overall, the album exudes a sense Kill Paris knows exactly what he's doing.

One of The Beginning’s best qualities is its outstanding show of good musical structure. So many (if not all) of the songs follow a formula ideal for exciting a crowd. Many tracks begin with a lead-in, and eventually erupt into its essential dance beat. Often, the percussion and volume will retract and allow for an enticing break of warm tones and calmness, only to reiterate the reverb and intensity again. “Love We Shared” begins with quickly riveting drums wafting into clear and liquidy sounds, making it evident it has no choice but to drop hard after its ascending air-raid sounds. The female vocal samples fit well into the mix, resulting in an excellent electronic piece to dance to. This track also emits a taste of an erratically interesting synth melody, which makes itself evident on several tracks and is a good signature for Kill Paris.

This artist can certainly own the intense, but he has a unique, yet influenced grasp on the mellow as well. “Girl, You One of a Kind” is undeniably chill, featuring R&B vocals, a spaced, nonchalant beat, and a retro club vibe over modern production. The whole mix is very reminiscent of FlyLo, and exists to prove Kill Paris successfully conveys many moods in electronic music. Other major influences ring clearly in The Beginning - more than a few songs sound of Daft Punk’s splicing tactics and basic robotic sounds, while tracks like “I’m Free” uphold inflective warping and buzzing synth similar to Deadmau5. None of these artists are overly represented, however. Kill Paris retains his own sounds too well to be overshadowed by any familiar sounds.

One of the best tracks is “Shades of Funk” which has much to offer by way of its title. Combining funk tones and instruments with a dance structure and electronic rhythm creates a very unique and undone piece of music. This is where Kill Paris works his creativity best, as listeners can enjoy funk through a newer genre.

Luckily, The Beginning is not one of the several electronic albums only sounding halfway decent and lacking any sense of individuality. Kill Paris has evaded that group easily, but we know there is even more room for improvement and excellent contributions. Anyone looking for an upbeat danceable album should look his way, especially those with an ear for subtle influence and quirky experimentation.

Track List:
1. Love We Shared
2. Girl, You One of a Kind
3. I Wanna Be Your Lover
4. I Do Love You
5. I’m Free
6. Shades of Funk
7. Keep Your Secrets in Midnight City
8. Do You Need Someone

Kill Paris - In the Beginning
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78 / 100
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