Posted on February 27th, 2012 (8:55 am) by Zach Krawczyk

The brain child of Patrick Bailey Loomis is the creator of low fidelity dream worlds, and is redefining the haze enveloping your room. Currently based in New Orleans Loomis has been melting genres and crafting sounds for years. Melt Away is the newest addition to a flourishing catalog of dream-pop-haze-wave. Bailey has true musical vision, and though the vision maybe squinty eyed and glossy, the prowess is undeniable.

Patrick Bailey has been busy experimenting with guitar layers and samples for quite sometime, with four albums and a slew of EPs to his credit. In comparison to earlier work Melt Away is business as usual, fortunately Loomis is in the right business. Bailey's greatest accomplishment to date, Melt Away is growing and perfecting his genre bending style. The tones of this album are brighter than previously seen, with a sunnier disposition than fellow chill artists Youth Lagoon and Toro y Moi. Released in January from the Memory Farm Melt Away is not receiving the admiration it deserves. Power and musical resonance should not be judged by the height of its fidelity.

Tracks on Melt Away evoke more ocean surf then bayou swamp. Rays of sunlight peeking through the clouds, this EP is the perfect spark to a lazy afternoon. Patrick Bailey's guitar work is sensational, every note is smooth and warm. String work is the back bone of Bailey's tunes, and the source of his deep melodic undercurrent. On tracks "I Cast A Spell" and "Bring Back Tomorrow" playful guitar is sewn eloquently through a patchwork of voice samples and harmonious fuzz, blanketing over a drum machine back beat which stays lively considering its robotic sentiment.

Lyrics on the album are mostly coherent and don't render much attention, usually slipping into the background of the overall composition of the song. The general flow and melody command the most attention, and massage your brain into a hair raising tingle. The sea shell track "Monsters Are Due" creates an echo of crashing waves when held to the ear. Dreaming of warmer weather? This is the vessel for escaping the current winter drear.

Melt Away encapsulates and improves upon everything Patrick Bailey has produced in the past five years. He is pushing boundaries and carving a deeper notch into chill-pop-haze-wave. Just like warm sand through your toes, weightless tones wiggle through songs and into your heart. Hazy and beautiful, this is the perfect soundtrack to a smokey room.

Track List

1. Sunpunched
2. I Cast A Spell
3. Monsters Are Due
4. Bring Back Tomorrow
5. Of Maritime
6. Melt Away

Loomis Melt Away
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Our Rating

73 / 100
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