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Posted on April 9th, 2012 (1:26 pm) by Emily Moran

“Red Green Blue” is a powerful introduction into VIRGINS' ten track album, RGB , created by Saman Khoujinian and Gabriel Anderson during their US bike tour in July of 2011. This album falls nothing short of satisfying. I do not know what inspired the two so much, but the fruit of their inventiveness is pretty sweet. RGB is a surfeit of chilling vocal harmonies similar to Seryn, Grizzly Bear, Local Natives, and Alex Ebert. A minute and a half into “Red Green Blue,” there is a transition into a small build that ends with a quick electric guitar riff and a fuzzy recording of a person singing. These artists, currently residing in North Carolina, know how to create an album with a mean punch. I was taken aback no more than fifteen seconds into their first track.

The end of “Red Green Blue” on this album blends right into “Dolphin” very gracefully. “Dolphins” is infused with emotion and genuineness. The song is short and upbeat, filled with a chorus of captivating "ooh"s. I don’t know what is wooing me more, the angelic vocals, or the enchanting guitar melodies.

On the other hand, “Quiet friends” threw off my groove for a bit because part of the song sounds way too much like “Ring of Fire.” So similar that it freaks me out until it morphs into a Greek sounding song. “Quiet Friends” is the track that makes the album a little weird, but in the best of ways (…apart from sounding like “Ring of Fire”). The vocals are enchanting again, especially when played in conjunction with the classical-sounding acoustic guitar.

“Evergreen Hideaway” is a pleasant transition out of “Quiet Friends.” It’s calm, simple, and beautiful. The echo and tremolo in his voice is what makes the song… along with the vibrant guitar playing. The modest use of “ooh”’s followed by haunting vocal harmonies makes this simple, yet subtly dynamic song especially powerful.

The almost theatric and perspicuously dynamic, “Aqua is a Great Color” is great display of the raw talent of the artists; it is straightforward. The intricacies are so well executed that the birdlike harmonies sound effortless. The vocals could lift you off the ground; this song needs no transitions. The first time I listened to this track, I felt that the build up two minutes into the song sounded too forced. And I felt that if I were seeing them live, I would be really upset but the disjunction between the calm serenades into what felt like yelling in the college courtyard-type build up. I felt it a little too sing-alongy towards the end of the song when they go up a key, but the more I listened to this track, the more it grew on me and the transitions actually seemed appropriate.

“Don’t Worry About Wrinkles” is another great song. It is catchy and really lovely. It is hard to appreciate this track as much as it should be because it is sandwiched right in the middle of a fabulous album. It's kind of a funny sing-alongy song that creates a well-executed disjuncture between “Aqua is a Great Color” and “Silo”.

The album takes another unexpected turn with “Silo,” which begins as a classical style acoustic that melds into a indie folk singer-songwriter song. The vocals are much different than the rest of the album, but still so lovely.

Preceding “Silo” is “Seeking”, which is more of a two minute long jazzy interlude than a song of its own, but still a significant piece. It switches into “Walking Cat”, which is another interlude of a song. “Walking Cat” is even more beautiful than “Seeking” in my opinion, not to downplay “Seeking.” It brings the album back the Local Natives sound (with a classical feel), which is what I think the album is intended to sound like and has drawn the most comparisons to.

And to cap off all of the whole album, the final song: “Rest(outro)” is a calm and eases you out of shock from the overwhelming beauty into a fulfilled torpor.

That is all. This album is superb. VIRGINS’ talent is captivating and the vocal harmonies make me feel like I’m in love. The album is up on Bandcamp to download at any price you’d like. It is worth whatever you’ve got.

Track List:
1. Red Green Blue
2. Dolphin
3. Quiet Friends
4. Evergreen Hideaway
5. Aqua is a Great Color
6. Don’t Worry About Wrinkles
7. Silo
8. Seeking
9. Walking Cat
10. Rest (Outro)

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79 / 100
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