Posted on May 31st, 2012 (10:42 am) by Emily Moran

It's ironic that Mesita’s The Coyotes seems it would be snow-covered evergreens in the foreground of a foggy mountainous landscape. The Coyote’s is summery and upbeat, inspiring movement and positive energy. The unifying theme of nature makes this album too rich with potential like rain on dry soil. Mesita is the musical moniker of the 23-year-old multi-instrumentalist, James Cooley. His sophomore album,The Coyotes is following up his full-length debut Cherry Blossoms in 2008. He is influenced by his beautiful surroundings in Colorado, creating a full sound surpassing the average bedroom artist. This may be because his music is an accumulation of many different variations on indie genres gaining popularity by a wide spectrum of listeners. His music ranges from indie pop to indie rock to experimental, and although it is difficult to tag this artist as a specific genre, he could be best summarized as indie pop or experimental indie music with occasional folk nuances. And I suspect Cooley relishes the difficulty defining his genre.

Cooley has done well blending synthesizers, thick bass, chimes, and calming, soft vocals the continually transitioning album, especially in “Out For Blood.” The heavy, slow bass and clear acoustics are like heat waves and the brightness of the sun reflecting off the ocean. The transitions are smooth. His angelic vocal harmonies sound similar to Bon Iver.

It is surprising to hear that this work came from one person. “Onward Upward” sounds like an orchestra of instruments with a chorus behind Cooley singing. Not for a moment does this album sound like it is missing something. “You or the City” is more toned down that the other songs, but it is still fits and has a full sound despite its simplicity alongside the other busy songs.

“The Coyotes” has a more folk, indie pop feel. It sounds a little more raw than “Everything is Burning”, pretty heavy on the synth. But the way the album is constructed is brilliant. Everything just flows into each other.

The Coyotes feels unrestrained. It is refreshing to listen to an album that is not restricted by old models of what people think music is and should be or just molded from the same old, all-too-familiar forms. Each song on the album is unique and is a necessary component of the whole album; the experimentation and transitions in The Coyotes are flowy like silk ribbons binding the bouncy beats and riffs together.

Track List:
1. Ken Caryl
2. The Coyotes
3. William Cannon
4. Onward Upward
5. Out For Blood
6. The Front Range
7. Into the Wind
8. You or the City
9. Search for Meaning
10. Everything is Burning
11. Endless Build Into Nothing
12. On Through The Dark

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77 / 100
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