Posted on February 29th, 2012 (8:15 am) by Emily Moran

Nothing is more heartwarming than discovering a new album that can command your full attention from beginning to end. Peter T. Quinn, the American artist better known as GPSYMTH has done such with his new album, Ripostes , an honest album with dreamy soundscapes. They are wooing the souls of those who seek true music during a time when music and culture is commoditized.

Barely even a week into the release of the album, GPSYMTH has already made an impressive impact on the online music community. His album seems to have a ripple effect all over the globe through blogs and independent music websites. They have been reviewed and discovered by people in and outside of United States because it is difficult not to recognize that their Grizzly Bear-meets-ambient-dream-pop is an entanglement of pure magic.

The first track on the album is “Hamilton,” their lead single released September 13, 2011, is about what it's like to be a tree. It's a great introduction to their romantic fairytale of an album. “Hamilton” was voted “Sunday’s Best” by Dingus and was claimed to be one of the many songs the music blog sifted through on their search for impressive new “bedroom artists.” GPSMYTH’s song, “Brewster” is more upbeat and '80s-sounding. When this song begins, the album takes a slightly new direction. I was impressed already with their intelligent composition and complex layering, but “Brewster” is what drove me home made me really realize that this artist is serious. Quinn's talent and sounds he creates are haunting. They make you want to roller-skate through a cloud of glitter -“Brewster” glistens.

The sounds they create like hands reaching into the well of my soul, leaving behind gold dust and untold secrets. The synths are the backbone of GPSYMTH's pieces as he sings vocals over them like a stream of water down a hilly mountain. The harmonies are the sirens his voice drifts by on its journey into the next track.

This is an overwhelmingly impressive start for the young artist. Ripostes is a breath of fresh air; GPSYMTH has created an electronic symphony of an album and I’m sure he will continue to woo the hearts of his listeners as they continue to create. I highly advise listening to Ripostes from start to finish. This album is a true work of art.

Track List:
1. Hamilton
2. Easter Island
3. From Blue to Black
4. Dover
5. Bethel
6. The Cat on The Porch
7. My Hunting Hat Burned
8. Brewster
9. Villa Giselle

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81 / 100
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