Posted on March 2nd, 2012 (3:05 pm) by Ralph Reed

I have to tell you a secret about doing music reviews. No matter whom it is I’m going to review I always give at least three listens. So, deep down in the soul of me I want every album to be brilliant. To listen to an album that is sub-par three times is a big time commitment and no fun for anyone. Plus, I gain no joy from writing negative things about something I’m sure is someone’s sweat and toil. Unfortunately I’ve been on a string of so-so albums. So let me get it out of the way: hell yes to the new Now, Now record Threads.

This record succeeds majorly in several ways. It is a kick ass rock record, it has some great ambient electronic moments, and the lyrics are wonderful. In a recent interview, the band discussed the years long process in which they collaboratively worked on refining the songwriting, and it really shows. They have captured a certain early-21st century zeitgeist that is in someway indefinable. The mixture of classic rock and roll guitars with ambient electronics captures the analog versus digital tensions of living in the modern age. The selling point is really the classic content of the lyrics. They are speaking to the timeless problems of relationships and loss but in a current way. When lead singer Cacie Dalager sings in the song “Prehistoric,” “I know this will mess things up tonight, but god it feels so good to close my eyes,” her voice and delivery give it an authentic honesty, rather than teetering into complaining.

All of the songs on this album have been meticulously produced and planned out. My only criticism is that I wish they let the tracks breath a little more. I would like to hear the band a little more ragged and with some more energy. It’s a fine line as some of the power of the album comes from the coolness of the vocals and effects. However, at times I would like the guitars and drums to bring it a little harder.

These are pretty minor quibbles. Overall this album is solid-effort and moody rock gem.

Track List
1. Pull
2. Prehistoric
3. Lucie, Too
4. Dead Oaks
5. Oh. Hi.
6. But I Do
7. Separate Rooms
8. Thread
9. Wolf
10. School Friends
11. Colony
12. Magnet

Now, Now: Threads
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Our Rating

85 / 100
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