Posted on December 13th, 2011 (4:25 pm) by Jessica Smith

After an intermission considered four years too long, the French electrical duo, Justice, takes fans back in time with, Audio, Video, Disco . It’s shocking; they are the pair credited for jump starting the hipster “D.A.N.C.E.” revolution, yet Audio, Video, Disco has more in common with Whitesnake than “old Justice.” Justice throws in some sounds that conjure up nostalgia (for a time when the housing market wasn’t upside down and Justice wasn’t confusing) to help you remember who these guys used to be. The best way to think of Audio, Video, Disco is as a strong cocktail, of the Long Island Iced Tea variety (just throw in whatever ya got). The recipe calls for ‘80s glam rock, a little detour in the ‘70s, mixed with synthesizers, among other attention-grabbing surprises. No one guessed this would be the follow up to “We Are Your Friends”.

Rather than making more of the same, Audio, Video, Disco showcases the imagination and fearlessness this duo has. The second track, “Civilization,” is surely one of the most daring of the bunch. Think hair metal meets the future with robots singing backup vocals. It sounds pretty intriguing but in actuality, it's nothing too spectacular. There's too much going on to want to dive in head first. The majority of the tracks on the album feature lower bass, longer solos, and omnipresent electric guitar. Hearing the mish-mosh making up this album, one particular question comes to mind. What’s the thought process when deciding what to do next? Taping the names of musical instruments to a dart board, throwing, and then adding whichever one was pierced is one reasonable explanation.

The best song on Audio, Video, Disco’s is “Helix.” Hipsters fear not, for here is Justice you deserve. Listen closely and hear the siren song of, “grab your skinny jeans, red shoes, and thick rimmed glasses. Report to the dance floor,” by way of guitars, synthesizers, and catchy vocals. Yes, the vocals veer dangerously close to hair metal, but Justice thankfully stay on the right side of the line. The thought of impending glam rock keeps the listener on their feet (either fear or excitement, depending on their preference). Another honorable mention goes out to “On’n’on.” As not to deviate from the unconventional theme, this song takes some interesting turns (narrow, windy, and quite the adventure, especially at night). At times it sounds like something heard at the original Woodstock. Oddly enough, sounds from the ‘60s are mixed into humming robots (yet again). Only Justice would have, “let’s throw a flute into the mix” as their next logical thought. Result? Enter flute stage left.

Audio, Video, Disco is undoubtedly a bold and unique album. It’s good to know these two were occupied throughout the four year gap. Some Justice fans are left wanting an album that isn’t all over the place. After fans waited so long to hear the follow-up, it's hard not to let comparisons crumble an otherwise solid album. Audio, Video, Disco definitely one of those: don’t talk about it; listen to it.

Track List
1 Horsepower
2 Civilization
3 Ohio Lyrics
4 Canon (Primo)
5 Canon Lyrics
6 On'n'on
7 Brianvision
8 Parade
9 Newlands Lyrics
10 Helix Lyrics
11 Audio, Video, Disco

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