Posted on October 31st, 2011 (1:35 pm) by Sarah Wilson

Corridor is the recording name of multi-talented Michael Quinn and September’s Real Late is his second release under the moniker. And it’s more than worth checking out…it should be required listening.

Quinn creates layers and layers of lush sound and not just by hitting program on a synth and going to town. Nope. Not Michael Quinn. He does it by picking up and playing everything from the cello to the keyboards…himself. He’s an incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist with a dizzying ability to blend together sexy rhythm and smooth melody in fresh and unexpected ways.

Real Late is a brilliant piece of work from an artist with vision. Each song builds, is layered with diverse instrumentation and those layers are what give this release life. The overall sound of the record trends toward dark and smooth but somehow remains bright as can be.
The album starts out with the sexy rolling drum and guitar of “Objective Lens”; a full bodied, smooth and rich piece that helps set the tone for the rest of the album. Quinn’s softly spun lyrics don’t distract from the near hypnotic roll of the music. It’s a soft, gentle movement of sound that even at nearly 6 minutes never becomes repetitive or worse…indulgent.

Second song in “Pieces of Work” picks up the pace some and adds a heavier treatment of guitar and crashier percussion sound. It almost has a pop feel to it. A good pop music feel. A touch of a Bowie’s sound, perhaps? And guitars that sometimes remind me of early Rolling Stones but are quickly eclipsed with a modern edge that makes the sound all Quinn’s own.

Then tracks such as “Roam Room”, “C.I.T.M.” and “Willful” sneak in with a bit more of an experimental sound. It’s been cited that Michael Gira’s band Swans are one of Quinn’s influences and these tracks seem to hint at that. Big sound rolling over and over, building and growing. It sometimes feels as if the music is actively trying to overtake the listener and envelope them. Let it. It’s wonderful.

Bold and unapologetically noisy at times, there is something truly brilliant and fresh about each song on this release. Michael Quinn manages to create a lush soundscapes throughout the album that fit together perfectly. Overall, Real Late is an infectious, smooth, sexy album with an undeniably modern edge.

Track List:
1. Objective Lens
2. Pieces of Work
3. Roam Room
4. C.I.T.M.
5. Rebuilding My Internal World
6. Willful
7. Acclaim
8. Collected Letters

Corridor:   Real Late
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70 / 100
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