Posted on July 8th, 2008 (12:00 am) by Derek Duoba

About two months ago, the New York City-based electro duo Ratatat released "Shiller," the first single for their upcoming album LP3. "Shiller" was different than anything that Ratatat had released previously. Instead of the heavy bass presence which characterized their previous releases, "Shiller" had an strangely atmospheric feeling to it; it was almost as if Evan Mast and Mike Stroud had decided that their music had veered too closely to the realm of hip-hop (which is not surprising, considering the fact that the duo has released two hip-hop mix tapes). Nonetheless, "Shiller" and its B-side, "Mahalo" (allegedly taken from Ratatat's upcoming 4th LP) were still undoubtedly something you could imagine Ratatat coming up with.

The aptly titled LP3 affirms what Shiller/Mahalo led me to speculate - the musical stylings of this electro duo have matured since Classics. Gone are the heavy beats that helped to define their earlier sound. In their place are more meandering synths and intense guitar riffs than ever before. Songs like "Mirando" and "Shempi" will convert all doubters of Ratatat's newfound sound. The layering of the tracks on LP3 is exquisite, with as many as five different sounds coming together at once to lead listeners to a sonic nirvana. In terms of cohesiveness, the album retains its core atmospheric sound while providing something new with each track. LP3 as an album clearly stands apart from Ratatat's prior releases, while managing to sound even less like other music that's released today. If you want something new exciting and even a little bit challenging at times, give LP3 a spin.

Track List:

1. "Shiller" – 4:18
2. "Falcon Jab" – 3:55
3. "Mi Viejo" – 2:40
4. "Mirando" – 3:52
5. "Flynn" – 1:56
6. "Bird-Priest" – 3:07
7. "Shempi" – 3:58
8. "Imperials" – 3:34
9. "Dura" – 3:08
10. "Bruleé" – 3:43
11. "Mumtaz Khan" – 2:38
12. "Gipsy Threat" – 1:38
13. "Black Heroes" – 4:06

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