Posted Feb 8th, 2010 (6:49 pm) by Matt Midgley

If there's one thing the internet can agree on, it's rumors. We the people of the internet love rumors. Something else? Well, if their October '07 album experiment is any indication, the internet loves new Radiohead albums as well. LA Times blogger Jia-Rui Cook seems to be the source of the commotion this time around, after he blogged about what Radiohead called a "wrap party" after three weeks of recording in Los Angeles.

The blog read, "Bryan [Cook, engineer] helped transform a house in the Hollywood Hills into a recording studio and spent the last three weeks there recording Radiohead with Nigel Godrich. On Saturday, we waded through a driveway full of Priuses and Minis to get to the wrap party.

"I was giddy," he continued, "seeing Beck, Salma Hayek and Danger Mouse chatting around the same pool where Dean Martin and the Rat Pack used to hang out. Thom Yorke periodically toyed with the iPhone that controlled the speakers. Usually he skipped forward to a Rolling Stones song." [Thanks NME]

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