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Caribou will be giving part of his $20.000 CAD Polaris Award prise money to 2 charities as well as using some to record a new album. Caribou said "I was completely overwhelmed and overjoyed to have been chosen from such a great list of albums. I was also overwhelmed and felt a responsibility at being given the prize money out of the blue!" Which is why he chose to support the charities.

The first charity Caribou has chosen to support is Ecojustice, formerly Sierra Legal Defence Fund, Canada’s leading non-profit organization of lawyers and scientists devoted to protecting the environment. Since 1990, they have helped hundreds of groups, coalitions and communities expose law-breakers, hold governments accountable and establish powerful legal precedents in defence of our air, water, wildlife and natural spaces. Caribou said that the reason he chose ecojustice was because "I have always thought of Canada as an environmentally progressive place, something which I believe was reflected in my education in the Canadian public school system."

The Canadian government isn't doing as much as it can for the environment ranking only 29th out of 30 industrialised nations for taking on climate change. Caribou continues "With another term of Conservative government beginning that looks unlikely to change which is why I believe it's important not only to address climate change individually but also to fight for environmentally sound legislation in Canada. This is Ecojustice's mandate and why I chose to support them."

The second charity Caribou has chosen to support is Stephen Lewis Foundation. This is a charity that supports community-based organizations that are turning the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa. They provide care to women who are ill and struggling to survive; assist orphans and other AIDS-affected children; reach heroic grandmothers who almost single-handedly care for their orphan grandchildren; and sustain associations of people living with HIV and AIDS. Caribou says "The Stephen Lewis Foundation's excellent track record and thoughtfulness in getting donations to the places and programs where it will make the most difference is an excellent example of Canadian humanitarian action globally"

Rogers Presents The Polaris Music Prize on CityTV

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Saturday, November 8th

Broadcast Schedule is as follows:
Citytv Toronto, Saturday, November 8th at 7pm ET
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If you are unable to tune in CBC will be broadcasting a post cast from their website

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