Posted Feb 18th, 2010 (3:07 pm) by David Findlay

"PEACHES CHRIST SUPERSTAR CRUCIFIED BEFORE OPENING NIGHT." See now that should have been our headline but we are in no position to be stealing words from electro-rocker Peaches. We are guessing that she ain't in the best of moods just now.

The Canadian Queen of Provocation, who Sigmund Freud, if only he were alive, could surely write several psychoanalytic essays on, has been told to abandon her plans to perform a solo version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic musical, Jesus Christ Superstar.

The performance was due to be held at the Hebbel Theatre in Berlin, but unfortunately the powers at be have condemned the stripped back show to the cross before it even started. The people who own the rights to the musical seem to be frightened that a possible risque-ridden Peaches production could upset several people, and obviously want to hold the reputation of the musical where it is. High in God's arms.

Peaches, who was planning to do the show with accompaniment from pianist Chilly Gonzales, is obviously rather angered about the decision to pull the plug. And it seems her intentions would have been nothing but protective over a musical and score that she has "...much respect for...."

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