Posted Sep 11th, 2010 (1:55 am) by Matt Midgley
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It's Friday night where we are, and to celebrate, treat yourself to a free EP from Instrumental Hip Hop / Glo-fi artist Versus INTL.

Versus INTL - Under Heavy Lights

Versus INTL is the production project of one Matt Moore. The Orland-based club DJ's debut release under the Versus moniker is Under Heavy Lights, a recently-released EP consisting of spaced out synths, rumbling drone loops, and an overall hip hop flavour that makes it feel like a perfect soundtrack for a Friday night drive.

Download Under Heavy Lights here.

Versus, like cited-influences Pete Rock and the late J Dilla before him, uses a 64-track sampler called the Akai MPC 2000xl to craft his beats. That particular workstation has also been put to good use by a number of other high-profile beatsmiths, including DJ Premier, DJ Shadow and Kanye West, so we can't say we blame Moore for sticking with a classic on this one.

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