Posted Feb 16th, 2011 (2:46 pm) by Jason Brow

A question lingers after watching the video for "Rill, Rill" from Sleigh Bells: is it better to be a poser or a sellout?

With no information about the players in the two-person band Sleigh Bells, the impression given by video is a garbled mishmash of sights and sounds. A young woman in denim jacket, studded bracelets and sunglasses sings a lovely song. Images of switchblades, tattoos, nearly dead boyfriends with fresh head wounds and hot-rods. "Six-six-six" is in the chorus. Blood oozes from a phone. All these gruesome images are put up against what is generally an approachable pop song. Immediate thought? Insincerity. Or images and concepts that were once taboo or frightful are now so commonplace that someone can put a fun, catchy song against them without causing a stir.

But when we learn about the members in the band, that impression changes. Sleigh Bells is Derek E. Miller, former guitarist and integral creative member of the hardcore band Poison the Well and singer Alexis Krauss, who started her career in a girl-group at the age of 16. The band is in itself a blending of the pop and the underground.

Maybe when there's more money invested in selling-out, there would be some weight behind that accusation. But this band's origin is the mixture of different worlds. This video is an accurate introduction to anyone with no idea about the band and great continuity for those already initiated.

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