Posted Dec 6th, 2010 (8:28 pm) by Alex Gordon
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Quiet Lights is a melancholic shoegaze group from Brooklyn. They’ve got a new album coming out early next year called The Big Fear. They give us a (free) sneak peak of the new record here. And it’s pretty amazing.

“Ablaze” opens with droning chords and gnawing drums punctuated with crisp snares before the breathy lyrics join in. It sounds remarkably similar to Autolux (especially their latest, Transit, Transit) but they don’t suffer for their influences. It doesn’t sound unoriginal but they’re certainly not alone in the genre.

Famed producer/engineer John Congleton joins Quiet Lights on this album and his considerable skills as a mixer are apparent. Congleton places the instruments with pinpoint precision but what’s really cool about the style is the simplicity of the overall sound. While so many artists strive to elevate and complicate their music through labored production, Congleton’s style does just the opposite. He takes ambitious concepts and makes them accessible.

On “Twice Today,” dreamy vocals flirt with minimalist guitars, as feedback drones on under their feet. It’s not as interesting as “Ablaze,” but it’s gloomy and mesmerizing, sounding like a throwback to Slint’s Spiderland. And it’s no less provocative.

Go here and download this now for free. Check back for the full album review when the full album drops. If these songs are any indication, it will be awesome. Like an A+ giving two thumbs up, while five-out-of-five gold stars high-five each other. We’ll have to wait and see.

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