Posted Aug 18th, 2010 (7:08 pm) by Matt Midgley

With everyone and their dog out there making what falls under the umbrella of "electronic music," one could be forgiven to think that the genre may have reached a saturation point, that anything new is bound to just be a repeat of something someone already did. While copycatting is definitely going on, there are still plenty of fresh sounds and ideas, if you look in the right place.

One of those places you could look (and actually find something worthwhile), is Chicago-based independent electronic record label, Alphabasic, and their roster of artists. In particular, you would do well to check out Bartel, the musical project of composer and sound designer Andrew Harris. Originally from British Columbia, Canada, Bartel is sticking out from the crowd in a major way with his latest release, The Subrupt EP.

The mostly instrumental four-track EP spans a number of genres and styles, with elements of electro, ambient, psychedelic electronic, and house all prevalent. While only 100 physical copies were made (by hand), and those have long since sold out, the EP is available digitally via Bartel's Bandcamp page, and via iTunes. Give the EP one listen, and you'll agree with me in saying that this guy is definitely going places at this rate.

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