Posted Nov 22nd, 2010 (10:29 pm) by Alex Gordon

It makes sense when you hear that Trespassers William’s music has been used numerous times in popular film and television. The music has an emotive voice that manages to portray vivid moods without exerting too much narration.

On “The Lids,” a processed organ sits on a whole note for forty-five long seconds. Finally, after what seems like forever, the first major chord takes form, played with shaky fingers, each chord testing the waters before jumping in. Though it happens slowly, “The Lids” grows into a beautiful mix of droning keyboards, choice harmonies and subtle percussion. Anna Lynne Williams’ voice fits the track perfectly, her backup vocals sprinkled with timely precision behind each verse.

“The Lids” minimalist instrumentation fits well on The Natural Order Of Things, the Seattle duo’s second EP released in 2009. The album showcases their talent for choosing when to add instruments and when to keep it simple. Songs like the opening track “Sparrow” serve to show the band’s ability to be just as moving with guitar and drums as with sullen electronics and understated vocals.

The Natural Order Of Things caps a ten year career for the group and even as the shoegaze genre expands to an overgeneralized populace of new music, they seem to be doing it as good or better than anyone else.

Trespassers William is currently working on their fourth LP.

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