Posted Mar 17th, 2011 (1:00 pm) by Ross Condit
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Tiny Mtns, (the nom de musique – OK, I made that up - of Elijah Wyman), is an indie folk/pop musician who hails from one of the loveliest parts of North Carolina, Asheville. He also has ties to the Boston area.

Wyman combines clever lyrics that paint an aural portrait of his feelings and surroundings, with uplifting light music infused with folk, as well as hip-hop and reggae. He’s known for his themed album releases that have evoked comparisons to Sufjan Stevens.

On “Small towns” and “Barricade the Door,” which he actually wrote and recorded last May, Wyman plays bass, Hammond chord organ, autoharp, vibraphone, glocenspiel, guitar, a “bigass marching drum,” cowbells, tambourines, and HUPS! If you listen to “Small Towns” you can hear part of the editing/production parts come to life. Scott Solter, whose studio recorded these two songs, dubbed out portions of the songs with damaged tape distortion and echoes for a cool effect.

Tiny Mtns is currently on a mini-tour, playing in and around Boston and NYC. Elijah Wyman might come along too. Check the tracks below.

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