Posted Apr 21st, 2011 (1:07 pm) by Joe Campbell
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Coming from the same electrical current that is used within your speakers, Telephoned emerges to prove worth in their usage of electrical currents as they release their latest song titled "Crave You".

The song is pretty straight forward; it starts off with a sick Matrix wannabe beat, which is then followed by a wonderful woman breathing words into a microphone; electronic artist Sammy Bananas and singer/party starter Maggie Horn collaborate here to produce some seriously efficient party music.

Telephoned is signed to Fools Gold Records, the same recording company that was started by A-Trak - yes, everytime you were at a concert / festival you would hear "FOOLS GOLD, FOOLS GOLD" at least once during an A-Trak set. Thankfully, I graciously accept it as Fools Gold has managed to obtain top level artists / DJ's in the scene such as Kid Cudi, Crookers, and a lifetime favorite Congorock. And Telephoned.

Keep an eye out on Telephoned and "Crave You." More details when they're out there.

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