Posted Apr 27th, 2011 (12:26 pm) by Joe Campbell
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This genre isn't easy, because in actuality it has no specific genre - "mashup" is a term that is used when you "mash-up" music, it's simple, ever hear of Girl Talk? Leann Grimes is here to prove to you, it isn't just about Lil Wayne busting a move to T.I., it's Indie madness folks.

I gave this a listen knowing that I've heard one too many mashups, and that I hardly respected the genre anymore - unless you're under the constant impression that your brain is floating in a constant see of gravy you'll take a heavy liking to this new style of mashup. Leann grabs hold of some of indie's greatest artists such as Cake, The Strokes, The Decemberists, and Avi Buffalo.

Indulge yourself in this awesome take on mashup, listen to these tracks with more than a grain of salt. Also, make sure to download the entire self-titled album from his Bandcamp below - it's free, and be sure to check out "Got To Grime" as it's easily one of the record's highlights. Also listed are the samples used for each track, enjoy.

Leann Grimes
1. "Cats & Dogs" and "Coeur D'alene," by The Head and the Heart
2. "Egyptain Robe," by Miniature Tigers
3. "Memory Boy," by Deerhunter
4. "Got To Move," by CAKE
5. "Under Cover Of Darkness," by The Strokes
6. "Shadow People," by Dr. Dog
7. "Mrs. Cold," by Kings Of Convenience
8. "Excuses," by The Morning Benders
9. "One Last," by Avi Buffalo
10. "Mary," by Yellow Ostrich
11. "World News," by Local Natives
12. "Keep Me In Mind," by Little Joy
13. "Summersong," by The Decemberists
14. "The Wild Hunt," by The Tallest Man On Earth

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