Posted Feb 8th, 2011 (5:37 pm) by Alex Gordon
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Papermaps is a Toronto-based quartet who makes upbeat, structured indie-pop. They used to be called EX~PO and released an impressive debut under that name, Central Meaner Streets. Now with a new name and a growing fanbase, Papermaps is back with a self-titled release scheduled for April 2011.

Fronting Papermaps is producer Dean Marino, whose recording studio Chemical Sound houses the band's practice space. Other artists to record at Chemical Sound include Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Tokyo Police Club, Born Ruffians and Sweet Thing. Pretty impressive.

Our first look at Papermaps is a song called "Can't Make A Living." It's a poppy, guitar-heavy, well-mixed track with singable choruses and really catchy verses. And yet, it's not catchy or poppy in a bad way. Particularly around the two-minute mark, "Can't Make A Living" has transgressive moments that make the poppiness a little easier to swallow. These songs are strong efforts that really seem to highlight the group's appreciation of production and structure. You can listen/download below.

Papermaps drops on April 19th. More details when they're out there.

Papermaps Track Listing:
1. Angela
2. Reunion
3. Can't Make a Living
4. Forever
5. Complicate Things
6. Exit
7. Coddled
8. You Gilded Down
9. Wishful Thinking
10. You Are My Gallows

*Photograph by Leslie Marino.

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