Posted Mar 29th, 2011 (3:23 pm) by Alex Gordon
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Son Lux is back with a new album called We Are Rising, which he recorded during the 28 days of February. Let's take a look.

"I got an email from All Songs Considered, challenging me make a new record, start-to-finish, in The Shortest Month of the Year. The subject line read, 'You busy?'" says Son Lux aka Ryan Lott of the album. The project is a collaboration with the New Hampshire music magazine The Wire, who hosts the month-long challenge.

Check out this video of Lott wrapping things up on Day 28:

We Are Rising isn't due out until April 26th, but we've got our first look with the song "Rising," featuring DM Stith and the Antlers' Peter Silberman. This is a really cool project because every artist has their own process of creating music, so the short term challenge effects each musician differently. Some write songs in an hour than spend six months tightening the screws; some build brick by brick. With Son Lux, it will be exciting to see how the project changes his sound. "Rising" is a showcase of bold instruments and center-stage vocals, far from minimal but somehow restrained at the same time. It'll be revealing to see how it stacks up against the other eight tracks to come. You can listen/download "Rising" below.

We Are Rising is due out April 26th on Anticon. More from Son Lux to come.

We Are Rising
1. Flickers
2. All the Right Things
3. Rising
4. Leave the Riches
5. Flowers
6. Chase
7. Claws
8. Let Go
9. Rebuild

*Photograph by Dusdin Condren.

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