Posted Apr 22nd, 2011 (11:45 am) by Joe Campbell
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It is my absolute pleasure to present to you Magnetic Man, the brainchild of Artwork, Benga, and Skream.

Comprised of some of the most reputable DJs in the electronic genre, Magnetic Man brings a bit of house, a bit of drum and bass, and a whole lotta' dubstep. Earlier this month, the trio dropped their self-titled debut.

Unlike Benga, Skream, and Artworks' normal work, this release is something that will provide much more than your average dubstep. It's a compilation of some of the greatest, most intense bangers available to man. One particular highlight is called "Crossover", which features Katy B. The song is unlike others, it starts off in a sound that you might confuse for Star Slinger, coupled with an absolutely gorgeous voice, as it hangs out in some trancy vibe; almost like vocal trance made its way into dubstep. This track is something nasty.

As "Crossover" is premiered on InYourSpeakers, we'd also like to point out that the album is available for purchase. This is definitely a great buy available at the iTunes store, or at least well worth checking out.

Magnetic Man
1. Perfect Stranger Ft. Katy B
2. Mad
3. Boiling Water Ft. Sam Frank
4. K Dance
5. Crossover Ft. Katy B
6. Box of Ghosts
7. Karma Crazy
8. Getting Nowhere Ft. John Legend
9. Flying Into Tokyo
10. Fire Ft. Ms. Dynamite
11. I Need Air Ft. Angela Hunte
12. Anthemic
13. The Bug
14. Ping Pong

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