Posted May 16th, 2011 (8:00 pm) by Joe Campbell
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Throw on your headphones, and hit the bass boost because we've got a hot (very French) remix of Cassius' "Feeling for You" from and up-and-coming Daft Punk protégé this afternoon.

It shouldn't surprise anyone when we say that Europe (and France in particular) has the strongest electronic music scene in the world. We've all heard of Daft Punk, and the electronic enthusiasts amongst the IYS staff could go on name-dropping European producers for days if we let them.

Well, here's another fantastic production straight outta, you guessed it, France. Mac Stanton's Bengalter-influenced remix continues France's export of electronic bangers quite nicely with this latest heart-thumping homage to Daft Punk

This, my friends, is French house. "Feeling for you (Mac Stanton Remix)" is the sort of 8-minute sample-fest that instantly gets heads and hearts beating in lockstep via militarily placed synths and the cross-fade of the century. In fact, the cross-fade on this track is so huge that it takes a full seven minutes to complete; considering such, some might wonder if Stanton built this track to be mixed into DJ sets rather than to be played as a standalone cut.

We're actually of the opinion that Stanton should skip the pleasantries and re-label this "remix" as a full-on "themed" mini-mix. There are easily enough samples within the cut to do so, and to be frank, without each of the contributing samples, the track itself would be lacking.

At any rate, enjoy "Feeling for you (Mac Stanton Remix)" because it's reminiscent of the golden days of French house, and a hella great track in its own right.

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