Posted Apr 18th, 2011 (2:18 pm) by Joe Campbell
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Los Angeles' ELOS (Chaz Lewis) has his debut EP,Flying Sky Fortress, set for release next week. With any luck, this EP will send Lewis to a new level of prominence. Let's take a look.

Within ELOS' album are seven tracks that give a sense of floating in the sky, as if you were playing Super Mario 64 on speed. The highlight of this album is the single "DunDeals," which brings me back to that damn video game and those freaking turtles in the clouds with the video cameras. This track is nuts - it has you in a sort of 8-bit/video game trance, thrown together with solid synths and hard-hitting bass lines.

Enjoy the track, listen and download for free below - although to fully enjoy what ELOS has to offer, you'll have to purchase his EP which drops on April 26th on Alpha Pup Records. ELOS definitely caught my ears with the track "DunDeals" and hopefully it'll do the same for you.

Stay tuned for more from ELOS.

Flying Sky Fortress
1. DunDeals
2. Shroot
3. Handle the Ill
4. Flying Sky Fortress
5. DunDeals (Part 2)
6. Airliner’s Patio
7. Trillwave

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