Posted Mar 4th, 2011 (3:46 pm) by Ross Condit

OK, I’ll admit it – when I first fired up “Blue Eyed Crazy,” by The Glorious Veins, something to the effect of “Oooooo, damn good!” might have popped out of my mouth. My excitement only grew as I listened to each song on their self-titled debut LP – officially due out on March 5th.

The Glorious Veins call themselves a “RetroFuture” band – think early 2000s alt-rock mixed with the Shout Out Louds and Arctic Monkeys. As far as genres are concerned, the sound is a solid mix of ska, punk, and blues. While the band is currently based in NYC, they’re from all over the globe, including the UK and Philippines. How did Paul Pangman (vocals), Matt Howels (guitar), Lee Grasso (bass), and Wiggy Colmenares (drums) come together from across their various timezones? CraigsList of course.

The band has been on the tour circuit for the last couple of years, but only decided to concentrate on a formal release recently. The Glorious Veins spent about five months polishing and recording the ten tracks on their forthcoming LP. While the group dropped their self-titled debut online in January 2011, they’re "officially" releasing it on vinyl on the 5th at a kickoff party at Greenwich Village’s The Bitter End.

Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite tracks: “Blue Eyed Crazy” features a very clever lyric, along with terrific vocals from Pangman. “Rosebud” is a fun little ska ditty about love and longing. The latin-tinged opening of “Matt’s Song” is a nice change of pace from the rest of the album, it’s also the only song written by Matt Howels. On “New Orleans,” the band shows off their AC/DC roots with the “For Those About to Rock” guitar licks. “Lonely Waltz” is a bluesy romp through a suicide. The album wraps with the rocker, “Apartment” where the band bring all of the previously-displayed elements together to end on a solid note.

The album itself is a strong study in what sort of elements comprise a great debut. In particular, Paul Pangman terrific lyrics contributes a dramatic flow to the band's sound, a feature that is oftentimes missing from contemporary music.

Both a FREE digital download / stream, and vinyl order form are available on Glorious Veins' website.


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The Glorious Veins Track Listing

1. Blue Eyed Crazy
2. No Effort
3. Rosebud
4. Matt's Song (New York City)
5. 8 Ball
6. Subparticle Supercollider
7. New Orleans
8. Lonely Waltz
9. Sex, Suicide, and Sunglasses
10. Apartment

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