Posted Nov 29th, 2010 (10:11 pm) by Jason Brow

Busting out from her time fronting the band Looker, the Syrian born, Greenwich-bred Saadi (Boshra al Saadi) graces Dither Down records with her November EP release, Clotheslines. She worked closely with dance group Lemonade and hip-hop/house artist Douster on this effort, so be sure to catch it after the break.

The titular single from Clotheslines is a catchy bassline against drums that might have been steel trashcan lids stolen from her neighbors. They create an atmosphere perfect for Saadi’s vocals to illuminate the track, much the same way the sun catches a street corner in the late afternoon. Despite its few ingredients, multiple listens of Clotheslines reveal new details and experiences each and every time.

The EP boasts two singles, with the rest of it comprising of remixes. The electronic outfit Lemonade spin their mad science to ‘Clothesline,’ turning the original song’s jaunty sprint into a ballroom ballet balanced on the clotheslines in the song’s title.

If Lemonade takes Saadi dancing five feet off the ground, Douster seeks to get the whole block involved. His remix intensifies the drum beat, tosses in some of the house and hip-hop flavors he’s known for and, from the seed of Saadi’s original, grows a whole new type of wildflower.

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