Posted Dec 8th, 2010 (4:06 pm) by Jason Brow
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After the break, check out what the Norwegian duo are leaving for you under the Christmas tree!

Röyksopp, known to the general public as “hey, I heard that in a Geico commercial!" have released a holiday single for 2010, covering "Le Cantinque de Noel" or "Oh Holy Night" for the rest of us. If anyone heard this and not known that it was some intentional nostalgia, one might think this pretty-straight up rendition was fired this sucker out to the internet with REMIX THIS KTHX painted on the side.

But the Norwegian electonica duo claim differently:

"We went to a strange place with this one, fusing drums, choir and SFX together to create a version that perhaps is a bit like what a person in the early 1970′s could imagine christmas music would sound like in the future. The future, like in 2010."

Yes, it’s a soft, unremarkable version done with synths, but perhaps the future envisioned forty-years ago in the '70's is now viewed as unremarkable by a jaded youth of today, spoiled by technology and wealth when surrounded by marvels. Perhaps with such a nostalgic throwback, we may look upon the past and see that we are indeed living in great times and should appreciate them. Effin' miracles, homies.

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