Posted Jan 12th, 2011 (4:29 pm) by Alex Gordon
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Chicago's YAWN has had a good 2010. They self-released a debut called YAWN E.P. and played shows with Girl Talk, Local Natives and Yeasayer. Last week, the band debuted their video for "Toys," an ambitious short-form drama about pinwheels.

"I wanted the main character to be a small object that I could bring with me. So I had the idea that I would film a lo-fi pinwheel story," says director Eli Stonberg. "It was going to be a short film instead of a music video but when I heard 'Toys' I knew that it would make for a great soundtrack for the images that I had in mind."

Check out the video here:

YAWN - "Toys" from Eli Stonberg on Vimeo.

"Toys" is a good introduction to YAWN. It's upbeat, rhythmic and kind of playful and, like the rest of the album, very much reminiscent of Animal Collective. AnCo doesn't have a copyright on quirk so it's not really fair to declare 'unoriginal' everything that shares their primal jubilance for psychedelia. But it is hard to ignore how much YAWN reflects their style, particularly on tracks like "David."

It may not entirely original, but this is a solid first effort that hopefully leads these guys to find their own voice. YAWN is planning on a full-length release in 2011 as well as a North American and European tour to follow. More details when they're out there.

YAWN E.P. is out now and available for free download here.

YAWN E.P. Track Listing
1. Toys
2. Kind Of Guy
3. David
4. Empress
5. Midnite

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